Indonesia Maternity, Baby & Kids Expo 2011, booth 72, Assembly Hall JCC, 11-13 Nov 2011

Alhamdulillah, our desired to have an exhibition in Jakarta can be fulfilled this year. It such a dream for us to join such a big exhibition in Jakarta. Also we were so glad, able to meet our customer directly and able to chat with them. It was a incredible experience for us, that make us want to do it again for the next year(^_^)
So many MOMO Maternity & Nursing Wear is sold during those 3 days, have made us really surprised and excited as well. That was really reduced our load in the way coming back to Malang. Very, very Thank You!
We’re very sorry, if during the exhibition, we seemed so busy served the customers, since we’ve no other assistance but only three persons. Lesson learned for us, for the next expo. Bring more helps with you!!
Anyway, a big of thanks for you all, for coming to our booth, sharing your experience, laugh and photo with us. Hope we can meet again next year in the same event!! And don’t forget, come and use your MOMO Nursing Wear so we can take a picture together
Thank you

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