They are team behind MOMO & CuddleMe
Praise Allah, we started MOMO in December 2008, then started slowly to open our own garment factory at 2009, until now the team are increased gradually. Since we are not people with textile education background so we have to learn a lot about this new world
Previously MOMO is built by personal’s need, now we are the shelter of this team, so we have to be kept motivated to do more innovation and always do something new for those who have been worked for us
They keep us to fight, even there are a lot of obstacles along the way, we can’t just discourage for them
We really want to increase income in the rural area which lack of job opportunity but cigarettes factory, a labor-intensive industry that can hired a lot of people to decrease unemployment.
sounds impossible, huh?(^_^) but if not us, then who else will do something more and open the job opportunity for them? for drop out school teenagers, husbands and wifes who really need a job to fulfill their family needs.So.. we’re keep on FIGHTING!!!


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