There are several reasons why you should have MOMO as a choice for Maternity & Nursing Wear

1. MOMO only use comfort, soft, stretchable fabrics. So it’s safe and comfort for baby and you to use MOMO during maternity & nursing time. Its stretchable fabrics, will allow and cover your belly getting bigger during the pregnancy time and automatically changed into your nursing wear after your pregnancy

2. MOMO do not use any zipper and harmful artifacts. Since several accident may occur when you’re using zipper as discreet nursing opening, then we commit for not using any zipper and harmful artifacts that may harms your baby

3. MOMO has uniquely designed opening layer. Since MOMO always use stretchable fabrics, then its uniquely designed opening layer will give you extra wideness and flexibility to open the nursing access. Do not bother whether your bust is large or extra large, MOMO will be able to accomodate your nursing access in most comfortable way

4. With MOMO, No more hustle, no more worry, no more shy when you are breastfeeding in public areas. You also don’t have to use, nursing cover or another fabric to cover you that for some babies is considered annoying and distract their nursing time. You only have to wear MOMO as your daily outfit and your problem is gone!

5. Last but Not Least, MOMO has various style of fashionable design, fabrics, pattern, and its free of charge sleeve’s length custom, will give you extra bonus to have your own style

So, order MOMO now, and you’ll know you choose the right brand for your Maternity & Nursing Wear


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