MOMO adapted its size based on pregnancy and breastfeeding mom so its size is quite bigger than common clothes in the market.

General MOMO Size would be :

 Bust >> XS 84 cm, S 90 cm, M 96 cm, L 102 cm, XL 108 cm

Several mom finds difficulty on estimating their MOMO size, that’s why we give estimation size based on weight:

XS >> if your weight is under 45 kg

S >> if your weight is 45-55 kg

M >> if your weight is 55-65 kg

L >> if your weight is 65-75 kg

XL >> if your weight  more than 85 kg

This sizing info is a rough estimation since it’s only based on my experience on estimating customer’s size. Different model, different fabric has different impact on your body.  For example, for model that has under bust cutting, if you prefer fit to body one, that you can have lower size than the estimation. For model that has waist cutting, you should be carefully not to order the size that is under your estimation and be strict to it.  For stretchable fabric as silky spandex or rayon spandex or nylon spandex , very strachable one, you can choose one size lower, if you’d like to have fit to body. For cotton combed, since it’s quite not stretchable, you have to be strict with your size.


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